The heroic short story of Goitom Lebasi Abraha(Adiwegera)
Hailab G.egziabher

If the host of Martyrs is looking for the full name of number 27, It is Goitom Lebasi Abraha(Adiwegera) this was how the Derge announced it after capturing Goitom at Mass GEFA, on which Goitom didn't managed to use the pills who always carry as a backup to his pistol to take himself in case he fails on the hand of Enemy. Goitom was a former student of Ethiopian  air force school. He joined ELF right after his graduation, and then sent back to Addis to command the EPRP unit. Goitom commanded multiple operations in Addis and surrounding. 

1. Attacked and controlled for hours the Sendafa police college on which the EPRP took hundreds of weapons to run their units.

2. Freed an Eritrean Female prisoner of war, from Kerchelle or Alema Bakagn.

3. Took Control of Ethiopian Commercial Bank around Merkatho in Addis, in which EPRP was able to finance itself with Tens of Thousands Birr. After the commercial BANk operation Goitom went to a family house happen to be in the area, to have a cup of coffee, and soon the whole area was surrounded and bullets were firing everywhere. Goitem knowing that they are after him on a relaxed mood said good bye to his cousin and started walking out, his cousin understanding the situation, she followed him to see his final fate. To surprise of her ayes Goitom walked straight to the military pick up showed an ID card and the commander who was seating on the front seat gave him a military salute and joined the solders on the back of the track, Goitom seating on the front seat left the area.

4. Commanded the team assigned to Kill Mengestu. Goitom bravely stopped Mengustuís car and shot him multiple times and left Mengestu faking his death on the ground, there was Volkswagen which was assigned to confirm Mengestusís Death. It stopped but failed to confirm his death; left him lying on the ground, they had guns to make sure he is dead. For over 20 hours the whole city of Addis were celebrating the operation until Mengstu show up on The 8 pm  TV news, to show he is not dead only wounded. Goitom was so disappointed about the operation specially, on the Volkswagen unit, who failed to confirm that Mengestuís death, but he was confident that on the next operation he will kill him. This is the word he said on the National Ethiopia Media, after he got captured, when they asked what was his next plan, this was how he said it my next plan was to kill Mengestu cut his head put it in ZENBEL and take it with me to MEDA ERITREA. Goitom was a brave fearless Young Eritrean, there was an occasion at check point in Addis an Ethiopian Solder touched his pistol while he is searching and at the moment he touched his pistol, Goitom asked him, with confidence do you want Die? The answer was I didn't touch or see anything.

We are Enjoying independent Eritrea at a cost of tens of thousands heroís like Goitom who gave their lives for all of us. They want us to be like Daniel Teklehaimamnot and Merhawi Kudus, to raise our Flag Everywhere for them to see it from the Heavens.