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Breaking News: Focused on Amhara-Isaias Alliance and Sudan conflict









እንታይ ይበሃል ኣሎ?

Image may contain: 3 people, including Fetawi Hageru Eritrea

Image may contain: text that says 'Martin Plaut @martinplaut Reports that 90% of the Central Zone of Tigray now controlled by Tigray regional forces Fighting also reported on the Southern, Eastern, Western and Southern fronts Situation Report ΕΕΡΑ HORN No. 59-18 January 2021 13:01 18Jan21 Twitter Web App'


Ethiopia’s army chief, Oromia president hold secret talks with Farmaajo in Mogadishu

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'BASHIR HASHI YUSUF @BashirHashiysf 000 #Ethiopia's military chief & the president of #Oromia state where Abiy Ahmed hails from secretly, visited Mogadishu on Friday where they held talks with #Somalia"s President Mohamed Farmaajo as Somalia heads to elections. @goobjoognews Photo Damel Getachew Ethiopia's army chief, Oromia president hold secret talks with Farmaajo iMoga... GOOBJOOG NEWSIMOGADISHU: Ethiopia's military chief and the president of Oromia state where PM Abiy Ahmed hails from secretly visited Mogadishu on ශ'

New Eritrean military build-up spread on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border

01/19/2021 Reliable sources have revealed to "Sudan Tribune" that new Eritrean military build-ups began to spread since Saturday evening on the Ethiopian borders opposite the Sudanese Minor Fashaqa.
It reported that the Eritrean forces participated in the Ethiopian army in its war against the Al-Taqrayy Liberation Front, advancing towards "Wadi Al-Ghurab" towards the "Birkat Noreen" area in the Quraisha locality located in Al-Fasha Al-Saghra.
The sources estimated the Eritrean forces about two thousand fighters, which they said are equipped with heavy weapons without ruling out their entry through the areas of "Hamra" and "Abd al-Rafi" to support battles arranged by the Amhara nationalism against the Sudanese army.
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Media advisor to the Prime Minister of Sudan Fayez Sheikh Al-Selik: Our position is consistent regarding the need for a peaceful solution to the border dispute with Ethiopia ... and we reject its allegations about the incursion of our forces into its territory.




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